Fields and Farms

The East End of the Island, especially the North Fork, is fertile farm land. Once covered with potato farms – a few barns remain – it is now home to small farms and farm stands, pumpkin and strawberry fields, tree and plant nurseries, sod farms and – most important now to the area’s economy – vineyards and wineries. “Wine tours” are big business as buses, limousines, and bikes for hire bring over a million people each year to the 50+ wineries that have been created over the past 40 years (and saved the East End from being built over).


IMG_0453 (1)


Potato barns still dot the landscape



Tree nurseries provide for the large suburban population to the west



Huge sod farms barely survive the pressures of home building and installation of solar arrays. One still provides turf for Yankee Stadium!



Vines now cover thousands of acres and supply over 50 wineries