7 comments on “July

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Long Island has perfect growing conditions for hydrangea. Enjoy!

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    • pastpeter says:

      Indeed! Blooms are unusually small compared to theJune bloomers which were profuse! The Pink hydrangea, which I have yet to identify, has bloomed well after a couple of sparse years. I am learning how to prune it!

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      • Eliza Waters says:

        Yes, there are many different species. Some bloom on new wood and some on last year’s stalks, esp. H. macrophylla, which I prune to about a foot in spring. But ‘Annebelle’ loves being cut to ground in fall for huge blooms and the oak-leaved one just gets the dead wood taken out. All different!

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      • pastpeter says:

        By trial and error, I have learned the pink one flowers on old stalks..!

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  2. Astilbe is one of my favorites.


  3. My Astilbe is putting on a show right now, and my Hydrangea are blooming as well. I have one just like yours above, and the blooms are smaller this year as well. Oh well, they are still beautiful. Stay well. Hotter than heck up here this week with unbelievable humidity. Feels like the south.

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  4. pastpeter says:

    We’ve been 85-90 for about 3 weeks, and very dry. Much watering, some towns introducing restrictions. Happily many of the COVID restrictions have been lifted; our younger son and family came out from the city last weekend, and we ate at our favorite restaurant – pleasantly quiet with half the usual number of tables! I fear for our southern friends as the exponential growth in COVID cases is about to overwhelm them, as it did here in March. Pressure to reopen schools in August is insane – they will have 10x the cases by then. I think we have a couple of months respite until September… Enjoy your summer!


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