I bought this floribunda rose maybe 20y ago. We have moved twice since then, and I have been searching for another one hoping to plant it in my current garden. Nobody seems to carry it now. My best local nursery says the company that bred it is no longer in business. Anyone seen it in a nursery or in a catalog?

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  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Beautiful! Are these in your yard?


  2. Truly lovely. I have not seen it, but it looks like it would be an asset in anyone’s garden. 🙂

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  3. seedbud says:

    peter, have you seen the Spring Hill Nursery catalog? https://www.springhillnursery.com/category/s?keyword=flora+bunda+rose
    The orange is sold out and is more vibrant than yours. I think the pink one is very nice. I bought some climbing roses and some landscape roses from them this year and the root stock was very impressive! I hope something here delights you and makes its way into your garden. Best! Catherine

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    • pastpeter says:

      Thank you! I had forgotten them! Nice selection. I in fact bought Julia Child from my local nursery. It will fit in well. Hope you are finally getting some Spring like temps and your lovely gardens will soon flourish. Nice to hear from you, blessings, Peter


      • seedbud says:

        OH! How lovely to have Julia Child in the garden! A super slow spring this year with some snow predicted for later this week. And so it goes in New England!

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  4. As we would say in Maine, wowsah!

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  5. cindy knoke says:

    The color blend is so lovely!

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    • pastpeter says:

      Aren’t they gorgeous! They were in the property we sold after I retired in 2012. I went looking for them again this past month, but the nurseryman said they came from a sole vendor who went out of business years ago. I settled for a newer floribunda called Julia Child which is blooming profusely right now!


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