The end is in sight

Labor Day, and thoughts of fall… except that it’s near 90deg again today! The long hot summer, dry except for occasional torrents of rain, has not been welcomed by many flowering plants and shrubs. Roses have hated it, and Montauk Daises (our favorite fall flowering shrub) are already brown and dessicated.

But a couple of bloomers have loved the heat! Geraniums are at the peak of their second flowering, and one hibiscus has produced glorious golden blooms all summer! So long may they last!

6 comments on “The end is in sight

  1. Beautiful blooms. The ‘feel like’ temperature was 100 today. It has been some kind of summer, and the first maples are starting to turn. My Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus, Geraniums, and Black Eyed Susans are still blooming, and that is about it. The blueberries are even starting to shed their leaves. I hear the faint hum of leaf blowers. 🙂

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  2. pastpeter says:

    Yes, only a heat-hardy few have bloomed – exactly the same as yours, plus the golden hibiscus – which thinks it’s in heaven..! Fall web worms are making a mess of ornamentals and some maple branches, but nothing on the scale of last years gypsy moth and eastern tent caterpillars! But nothing is turning here yet, unlike NH! Some years LI stays warm and humid into Nov, and everyone’s siding and shingles go green! NC it’s not, but the fall damp is a problem!


  3. Eliza Waters says:

    What a lovely hibiscus! Hard to believe it is Sept. already. Where did the summer go?

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  4. Mukhamani says:

    Flowers are always beautiful 🙂


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