In an odd and unexpected confluence of circumstances and impulses, this week on Flag Day, June 14, 2018, Marian and I become Naturalized US Citizens. After only 45 years as Permanent Resident Aliens/Legal Permanent Residents/Green Card holders, it was finally time to take the plunge and become official members of the country we call home. The last of our direct family members in the UK passed in 2015, so we are now the last outpost of the UK Viberts and, together with our two American sons, the start of the American branch! Little did we imagine when we stepped off the plane in Logan Airport, Boston in 1973 that this would be the outcome! But we own a burial plot in an historical cemetery here on Long Island, NY and its time to finally put down our roots!! Our gratitude to the many of you in NY, NH, MA, ME and – thanks to WordPress and Facebook, many others across the USA – who have welcomed us and made us feel at home here! We treasure you all. God has been good to us, more than we could ever deserve!

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5 comments on “Americans

  1. I think I can truthfully say it has been our pleasure to welcome you and Marian to our various communities. You make it a better place for all of us to be, so we thank you right ack. Enjoy the ceremony, but I think you’ve been one of us for 45 years – you’re just finishing the paperwork. 🇺🇸

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    • pastpeter says:

      Very sweet! Yes,it feels just as you say – this has been home for a long time, so we decided we should finally do the paperwork! Thanks for your WP friendship, it has been a pleasure!

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  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Wow, congratulations on making it official. Always considered you part of the family. 😉

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  3. cindy knoke says:

    So are you Peter Viebert?
    Life is just so freaking amazing.
    Good people are everywhere.
    Just waiting to be heard, and found.
    And blogging enables us to find each other.
    Love to you and to your family.

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    • pastpeter says:

      That’s me – without the “e”. Nobody knows how to pronounce it – I guess we were “weeburt” long ago in Germany, “veebear” in France, “viebert” in Guernsey/Jersey, which has the highest concentration of Viberts apart from New Brunswick…! Now anglos make us “vibbert,” “vyebart” in upscale parts of U.K, or (our default) “vyebert.” You’re welcome..!


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