Merry Christmas!

Welcome Christmas! – especially as you bring 55deg F and rain to Long Island! Our small home will be filled when our sons and their wives/partners arrive on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Marian and I are are thankful for our 9 months here since leaving New Hampshire – tho’ we miss our friends there – and the joy of again being close to family and so many old friends. May your “Holy-Days” be filled with warmth, gratitude and love as we celebrate “God’s indescribable gift” to us.

4 comments on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Lovely photos. Your holiday with family sounds wonderful. I hope you enjoy a house full of love and laughter and your NY friends relish you while those in NH are for sure missing you. Snow, rain, and ice here today. I know you aren’t missing all of that. I wish you blessings during this holy season and a healthy and happy 2018.

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    • pastpeter says:

      Thanks, Judy. We have had a memorable year. I watched the weather map today and was thankful we stayed on the warm side of the pptn. By the time you leave for SC you will be glad to escape the cold! Blessings on you and yours, and your trip south. My turn to envy you!

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  2. Aman Thakur says:



  3. cindy knoke says:

    What stunning photos and wishing you and your family a very Merry belated Christmas & Happiest New Year!

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