Fall comes to the Island

It’s November, but a killing frost has yet to arrive on Long Island. A few annuals still bloom bravely, their days numbered. The trees have achieved as much color as they do without frost – much yellow, gold and brown, but reds are rare. Many clear days, and none of the destruction that visited New England two weeks ago. We are grateful for the slow transition to winter!

6 comments on “Fall comes to the Island

  1. Pauline & David says:

    Beautiful pictures Peter, let’s hope Winter stays away a little longer for you!!

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  2. Beautiful fall there in Long Island. 🙂 The killing frost has visited, and I think it may be here to stay. Cold and windy, windy, windy here. Winter is here, but hope you get some more moderate temps – one of us should. 🙂


  3. Dina says:

    Fabulous gallery! 🙂

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