ALERT: false “followers”

I have received numerous e-mails in the last week informing me of a “new follower” to this blog. They all come from the same domain (, arrive frequently, and bear names that made me suspicious – e.g.¬†gabalanzvnaliciaqz – and deterred me from clicking on the link of the “name” to see who my “new follower” was.

I do not know what lies behind these computer-generated false identities, but I know not to explore them, at a time when one foolish click can cause malware to download invisibly to your computer.

I have also noticed that the counter on my main blog page says I have a suspiciously large number of followers. Check out “ followers” to see if any suspicious names appear; you can delete them from there. But I suggest you DO NOT click on these “names” to see who is now following your blog!

This may all be nothing, but could also be something bad. I don’t want to spoil your day, but take a look at your “e-mail followers” list!

Good wishes to all my real WP friends!




Merry Christmas!

Welcome Christmas! – especially as you bring 55deg F and rain to Long Island! Our small home will be filled when our sons and their wives/partners arrive on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Marian and I are are thankful for our 9 months here since leaving New Hampshire – tho’ we miss our friends there – and the joy of again being close to family and so many old friends. May your “Holy-Days” be filled with warmth, gratitude and love as we celebrate “God’s indescribable gift” to us.

Fall comes to the Island

It’s November, but a killing frost has yet to arrive on Long Island. A few annuals still bloom bravely, their days numbered. The trees have achieved as much color as they do without frost – much yellow, gold and brown, but reds are rare. Many clear days, and none of the destruction that visited New England two weeks ago. We are grateful for the slow transition to winter!

Two Weddings

I retired years ago from full-time pastoring, but this fall kept me busy with weddings! On successive weekends, our son was the groom in an intimate garden wedding, and the daughter of good friends the bride in a big “Long Island style” wedding. Having known them both since childhood, it was a delight and a privilege to be part of launching them into married life. Marian smiled as she watched “the young couples” celebrate, and danced in her wheelchair..!

IMG_045423172823_10212454411967659_5042479749479543230_n22999983_10212449537667188_8672032413760954584_o4B675DB0-99DF-4C56-99A8-1EA1FDFB46F5 2